Best Tactical Boots 2020 – Brands, Reviews And Buying Guide

Are you planning to buy a new pair of boots? No matter your answer is Yes, or No, this collection is undoubtedly going to change the answer to Yes Of course! Here we have ten best tactical boots, which is going to make you 2020 all the happier. If you are planning to go for hunting, join the police force, or you are a military man, these footwears are the must-have for you. Water, weather, land are the three things that validate the quality of any boot so, we have brought the top-rated and well-verified collection for you. Another factor that may influence you for buying these boots are their quality, fitting, and price. You may find them a bit higher than your budget, but the running offers will surely get you’re your fav boot at its best price to you.

Somebody once said if you have the best pair of footwear, you can win in any field. And this is going to be so real with these boots, be it rain, uneven plain, battlefield or severe cod, these boots will keep you warm, dry and comfy all the time. Without any delay, grab the deal now.

Best Tactical Boots 2020 Reviews

#1. Danner Acadia

Danner is a brand in exitance since 1932 and still the first choice of military people or police officers. It is well known for its rock-hard durability and reliability, as it is proven to last more than five years with some gentle tears, which is quite a long time.  Danner Acadia has high-quality construction, with the lining of Gore-Tex to make water-resistant and breathable at the same time.

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The idea of fiberglass shank and non-metallic material is used in the areas where high pressure is observed made this boot more solid. It is so designed to be shockproof to make is perfect for the law enforcement people.It is built in a narrow profile to stop your feet from sliding sideways. However, you can also avail of other pieces of your choice in this range. As if you are anxious about the cost, then you are not going for the wrong piece. Danner Acadia is one of the best pairs of boots on this list.


  • Long-Lasting
  • Water-resistant
  • Sole is made to hold a high grip


  • Comparatively heavy

Out of 10, you can rate it for 9.9 stars for sure.

#2. Maelstrom Tac Force

Maelstrom Tac Force boot is made up of nylon leather, which is comparatively long-lasting than the other leather boots. The inside out of the boot is well designed, keeping in mind the facts of colder or muddy regions. It keeps your feet warm and dry. The sole they have used is of rubber so that its anti-slippery.

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Also, you get a bouncy heel with extra cushion to help you while running miles. It is water-resistant and also shockproof. Cost is quite affordable for almost everyone, so if you are trying any boot for the first time and yet do not want to spend much, then these pairs of Maelstrom Tac Force should be a must-have choice for you. They are light weighted. And as the price drops, the quality may also decrease, so; you can understand how it would work for you.


  • Sole is made of rubber
  • The material used is Nylon Leather
  • Comparativelycheaper
  • Trendy


  • Not much water resistant
  • Low-quality glue and stitching make less durable

Out of 10, you can give it 8 stars.

#3. Rocky Mens

Rocky Mens is another best buy boot for its amazing features like water resistibility, shock absorption, breathability, and of course, the leather quality. Also, it has the most extended trunk to cover your ankle, protecting even the leg along. It has an attached zipper at the side, so if you are in a hurry and do not want to fight with the lace, you can use the zipper option. With a high-profile feature list, this boot askes you to pay a reasonable amount, which indeed is worth its case.

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So, if you already have a pair of boots and yet looking for the latest collection, you can go for Rocky Mens. Interestingly, we also count it under the luxurious collection list.


  • Water-resistant
  • Sole is made of rubber
  • Easy to wear
  • Soft and Comfortable inside


  • Zipper attached is not long-lasting

It wins 9 stars out of 10.

#4. 11 ATAC Boot

For military people and other law enforcement personnel, this boot again is on high demand. Be it rain, snow, or thorny plane 5.11 ATAC Boot has always proved itself for its reliable, comforting, and long-lasting feature. You get two colors Black and Brown for this particular boot, choose what suits you best. And if price bothers you much, you can blindly trust our review. And you are never going to regret it. Full-Grain Leather is the key attraction of this boot, and the inner material is quite comfortable as well.

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It is water-resistant and breathable and can necessarily protect your feet even on a long walk. The sole is so designed that you do not have to think about any wet, muddy, or dry terrain.


  • The material used is a full-grain leather
  • Has a zipper at the side making it easy for on and off
  • Color Variation is available
  • Stitching is quite durable


  • Not so long-lasting

Out of 10, you can rate this for 9 stars.

#5. Bates Ultra-Lite 8

Bate is now a brand that delivers one of the best tactical boots for law enforcement personals. Be it anti-slippery, long-lasting, shock protecting you are looking for Bate is the one-stop solution for your hunt. But on a downside its not 100% water-resistant.

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Bate Ultra-Lite 8 is a tactical boot but makes you feel like you have just put on your casual shoes or sneaker. It is comparatively 30 percent lighter than any other tactical boot, which makes it more prominent yet classy. And you do not have to spend much as it is relatively cheaper as well. You get a soft, comfortable bed inside and a hard exterior. There is a zipper available to help while in a hurry.


  • Soft inside
  • Comparatively cheaper
  • Harder at the tip for a toe safeguard
  • Comfortable to wear as it has a zipper


  • The other material is a bit harder which may cause stretches or cracks
  • Not so waterproof

Out of 10, you can rate it for 8 stars.

#6. Magnum Response 2

Magnum Response 2 is again a right choice for military people and policemen. It has an 8-inch curved zipper to help you secure on and off. Interior and exterior features are detailed with keys like sweat absorption and shock resistance. Therefore, the inner part is super soft, and the outer part is super hard.

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No doubt, the sole is anti-slippery. Magnum Response 2 is counted under the list of most affordable boot yet a drawback that It may tear early as compared to other boots. However, it is well padded inside to relax your ankle and make it suitable for trekking, running, or a long walk.


  • Relaxing and untiring
  • Has a zipper at the side
  • Affordable
  • Highly reliable


  • May tear in a year
  • Zipper runs out of order very soon

Out of 10, we rate it at 7


Ryno Gear boot has no doubt made a ggreat hype in their quality and feature. This boot is waterproof and looks quite classy. Also, it is a bit lighter than other boots.

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Policemen like this pair of boot yet have a complaint about the fitting. But on ignoring this fact, Ryno has an extra heel to relax the ankle, and the interior has the highly breathable fabric. The leather used at the exterior is not as , but it manages to make it a shock prof boot. If you are looking for a pair of boots that are durable and affordable at the same time, then Ryno Gear can be added to your Wishlist. The sole is made up of rubber to make it super slip-proof. And it has used the idea of fabric and foam quite effectively.


  • Water-Resistant
  • Sole dis made up of rubber
  • Affordable


  • Inappropriate size description
  • Quality is not so amazing

Out of 10, this gets 7 stars.

#8. Thorogood Jump Boot

Thorogood Jump Boot are the boots gaining a good sale these days, and why it should not be. Afterall it has a deadly combination of good Quality, Feature, and price the most influencing factors while shopping.

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Thorogood Jump Boot promises for waterproof and shockproof features. They have used the EVA technique to make it super comfortable and long-lasting. It is one of the heavy-duty boot mostly found in the feet of military people of the policemen. Trekking, running, hunting, and all the other activities can be made easy with this pair of boots. The cost is comparatively high, yet it is worth nappreciable product.


  • Has a side zipper that makes an easy on and off?
  • EVA midsole
  • Inter material is highly comfortable
  • Exterior material is highly durable
  • Shockproof


  • Uneasy fit
  • Give a heavy look

Out of 10, we rate it at 9

#9. Bellevile TR960ZWP WP

Bellevile is one of the oldest brand names established in 1904 and still winning the hearts of the world. These boots are superb and employ Gore-tex technology to make it waterproof.

The zipper available at the side is a bonus to help you in a rush while making it a charm a loved by almost every law enforcing personnel as their on-duty uniform.

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The sole has oa good grip making if favorable for wet, muddy and dry planes. If you are looking for good quality, reliable, and long-lasting tactical boot, then this is going to meet your requirements on all aspects. We have listed this under the luxurious collection so you can oeasily get that it is comparatively expensive, yet its features are worth spending.


  • Quality is highly appreciable
  • Water-resistant Gore-Tex
  • Vibram sole
  • Has a side zipper


  • Zipper does not work dproperly, need regular maintenance

Out of 10, you can give this boot 8 stars.

#10. Under ArmourValsetz RTS

Nothing can be great than the option for a lifetime warranty of the product. Yes, this brand offers a lifetime warranty of the products, including this one. Apart from this, the boot is also amazing as its brand.

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It has a soft and comfortable cushion inside, along with a long shaft to protect your ankle as well. The material used inside it is highly breathable, and the exterior is waterproof and shock-resistant too. The sole has a good grip providing an anti-slippery feature. Also, the material uses to build this product are well studied and employed. The brand has come with a different color variation, which is a credit for you to go for this pair.


  • Comfy and soft inside
  • Sole holds the high grip
  • Comparatively lighter
  • Color variations are available


  • Not long-lasting as the glue used is of low quality

Out of 10, you can rate it with 8 stars.

Tactical Boot Buying guide

  • Use

There a wide variety of footwear available in the market for every specific use. It is you who has to decide on what basis do you want to buy them. Casual and format shoes are available in everybody’s wardrobe; to buy a tactical boot, you should have a genuine reason as they are not just anything to create a fashion statement but to help you in hard times. Militants, Police forces, and other such security people should surely go for these boots as they are very comfortable yet very reliable. You can run or walk miles on these boots,and you will never feel your feet hurting. So, make sure you know when, where, and for what you are going to use these tactical boots.

  • Material

Choosing the worth material for which you are spending dollars should be one of your priorities. Many footwears look a lot classy and trendy, but they are not durable, as the material used may be cheaper. Hand made material are quite cheaper, and they also tear very fast as lack the consistency and quality. Good footwear will have a breaking in to mold their shape and size according to your foot. Make sure you are well sound about the material used and their properties to choose the best piece.

Full-grain top quality leather, Nubuck leather, and suede are some commonly preferred materials as they are water registrant, durable, and comfortable.  Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and Polyurethane are considered the most preferred one for soles of the boot.  Make sure you check both interior and exterior both materials.

  • Protection

What if you spend so much and the footwear is hurting you and not at all protective? You should never go for this type of boots. As these boots are for heavy-duty, it surely will protect your feet from any natural or external wound causing elements. Check the Toe and Ankle portion, as there are the are where most of the pressure Is applied and often tear off.

Also, check the soles and its grip because eventually, you need a excellent slip-prof boot for watery, icy, muddy, or any such surfaces to avoid an accident.

  • Features

Anti-slip sole, toe protection, water-resistant, soft and comfortable inside, suitable for all-weather and surface, and most importantly, long-lasting are some of the bases features these boots isare collected on. And these are the thing you would be looking for, which is obvious. You are spending a reasonable sum of money, and you should always stick to the point of spending on the genuine product. Apart from this, try option for multi-purpose than just going for only one. These boots are suitable for hiking, police forces, military person, long run, or walk on an uneven plan and other such activities, so you can accordingly decide before investing so that you can get the max benefit.

  • Fit

Fitting is another factor you need to take special note of because a pair of unfit shoesare going to make your feet worse. Some shoes do not require so much of study, but when you are about to invest such a good that too on boots, there are some key factors of size and fitting you should consider.

Ankle, Toes, and sides are the areas that are prone to tear if the pair is not so fit. So, you should always try to get a pair which is a bit lost and comfortable as it may get good when worn with socks. Also, do check the size guide to get the perfect one.


So, there was the list of the best tactical boot with their features and customers review stating their pros and cons. Hopefully, it must have helped you choose the best one. While some of you must still be confused about spending so much. To be honest, do not hesitate if you have found your perfect match because these boots are not just an ordinary one; they are more like an investment. Just the way you spend on your favorite car of jewelry go for it because, after all, you should at least have trustworthy footwear.


  1. How should I clean tactical boots?

You can use a soft brush to clean your tactical boots. If you are using it in the rain, it may get muddy, for this, you need to wait for unlit the mud dries, use the same brush to clean it and wipe off the rest with a wet cloth. You may also use some detergent on the damp cloth for better cleaning.

  1. What size should I order?

Always refer to the size guide for the best fit. The size of boots  preferably bought one size bigger than your regular shoes as they are high, and you need some space for comfort.

  1. Are tactical boots good for hacking?

Tactical boots are one of the best and most commonly preferred for hiking, for its grip, water-resistant, and shock-absorbing property. It also keeps you warm in the snow.

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